And the Oscar Goes to … a Film From a Video Game

And the Oscar Goes to … a Film From a Video Game on Blog

The intersection of video games and cinematic storytelling has given rise to a new dimension of creativity, blurring the lines between these two mediums. The recent Academy Award win for the documentary short "Colette," featured within the VR game Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, is a testament to the evolving landscape of artistic expression. This article delves into the extraordinary journey of how "Colette" made history by claiming an Oscar from within the realm of a video game.

A Fusion of Media: Video Games and Cinema

The collaboration between video games and cinema is a dynamic field that has evolved over the years. Video games have increasingly embraced narrative storytelling, integrating cinematic cutscenes and immersive narratives to enhance player engagement. This fusion has given rise to a new type of storytelling experience that captivates players with both interactive gameplay and cinematic sequences.

"Colette": A Poignant Tale

"Colette," the documentary short at the heart of the story, is a moving and emotional account of a French Resistance fighter who revisits the place where her brother was killed during World War II. The documentary was incorporated as part of the VR game "Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond," developed by Respawn Entertainment. The integration of a heartfelt story into a video game demonstrates the medium's potential to deliver impactful narratives.

The Unconventional Path to an Oscar

"Colette" embarked on an unconventional journey, transitioning from a part of a video game to the Oscar stage. The film was directed by Anthony Giacchino and produced by Oculus Studios, Respawn Entertainment, and The Guardian. Its inclusion in a video game highlights the growing potential of interactive media to weave emotionally resonant narratives.

A Historic Academy Award Win

"Colette" garnered significant attention not only for its compelling storytelling but also for its groundbreaking achievement. At the 94th Academy Awards, the film won the Oscar for Best Documentary (Short Subject), marking the first time an Academy Award was won by content within a video game. The win solidified the legitimacy of narrative experiences within video games as a viable form of cinematic storytelling.

Expanding the Possibilities

The success of "Colette" signifies a new frontier in the artistic potential of video games. It showcases the capability of interactive media to tell meaningful stories that resonate deeply with audiences. This achievement may inspire future collaborations between filmmakers and game developers, expanding the possibilities for storytelling across both mediums.


The triumph of "Colette" at the Oscars is a testament to the evolving landscape of creativity and storytelling. Video games are no longer confined to entertainment alone; they are becoming platforms for impactful narratives that can touch hearts, prompt reflection, and even win the highest honors in the film industry. The success of "Colette" not only celebrates the convergence of video games and cinema but also paves the way for innovative collaborations that will shape the future of storytelling.

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